At the Minnesota Transportation Museum, we're dedicated to preserving and sharing railroad and transportation history as well as providing a service to our community by providing quality educational programming that not only relates to history, but current issues in transportation. 

In 2015 we expanded our the programming we already had, further developing Tots & Trains, Job Corps training, youth groups, collaboration with local organizations such as Model Cities and Women's Advocates, and special events. With grants from U.S. Bank and the O'Neill Foundation, we've been able to increase access to our programs by providing free transportation to events and field trips for some groups. We want to do more! 

Over the course of the next year, we plan on adding more educational programming as well as expanding on what we already do. In 2016 you can expect to see Safety Saturdays, more free transportation programs, subsidized field trips for qualifying groups, and development of field trips that focus on history, trains, AND current transportation issues. Your donations will help make this possible!