Give  a  little  bit ...​​

Of your time, knowledge or financial support to keep the roundhouse history alive.
  1. Manpower
    Our locomotives run on either steam or diesel but our museum runs on pure manpower provided by volunteers, interns, and trade students.
  2. Partnerships
    Partnering with the transportation Museum allows us to continue to teach children and visitors from around the country about the fun of our transportation story.
  3. Elbow Grease
    Maintaining Jackson Street Roundhouse, restoring locomotives and cars in the museum's collection is all supported by talented volunteers. Got the skills to help? Join us!
  4. Artifact Donation
    It might be a treasure for our collection or just junk that would take up space in our basment. Learn about the museum's collections policy before you donate the item.
  5. Sponsorship
    Your business can sponsor an event, program, restoration project or exhibit and show the community your believe in sharing the story of making our country mobile.
  6. Train Crew
    Our fleet of locomotives are powered by volunteers who have invested time and money to learn how to keep our trains moving.

Not sure where you can help?

Email Us
Send us an email letting us know you would like to get involved and want to talk to a person about how you can contribute to our organizaiton. Once we know you are interested, we will contact you to chat more about it.