Request for Proposal

CONTRACTING AGENCY: Minnesota Transportation Museum,
193 Pennsylvania Ave E St. Paul, MN 55130

TITLE: Historic Structures Report, Jackson Street Roundhouse
Friday, July 7, 2017 AT 5:00 PM Central Time. Email
submissions are preferred.

Erik Johnson, Executive Director Minnesota Transportation
Museum 193 East Pennsylvania Avenue St. Paul, MN 55130


Submit questions regarding this RFP by June 7, 2017.
Answers to all questions will be sent to all interested
applicants by June 11, 2017.


The Minnesota Transportation Museum (MTM) was initially founded in 1963
to preserve and restore a wooden streetcar. The MTM is headquartered at
the Jackson Street Roundhouse, a 1907 roundhouse built by the “Empire Builder,” James J. Hill. The roundhouse originally was part of a large shop complex built in the 1880s. Located near downtown St. Paul northeast of the State Capitol, the complex had been sold by the Great Northern (GN) in 1960. The roundhouse was partially repurposed as a warehouse/industrial building, all the tracks were removed, and an addition was built where the turntable used to be. Today, twenty of the twenty-five original stalls of the roundhouse remain.

MTM took possession of the roundhouse in 1986, and began the restoration of the building. The museum at Jackson Street opened in 1999. The roundhouse has a large collection of train engines, cars, and rolling stock, displays, archives, and an audio-visual theater. A meeting room and offices are shared with the Great Northern and Northern Pacific historical societies. The turntable was re-installed in 2001, as well as a connection with the BN, and five yard tracks.

Jackson Street Roundhouse Roof – Architectural Services RFP 2
The MTM completed a Historic Structures Report in 2014, which has helped to identify and prioritize a number of building issues that need to be addressed. The first issue is the complete replacement of the building’s two-level 55,230sqf roof, which is presently a mixture of built-up ballasted roofing and fully adhered EPDM – both of which are at the end of their life span.

This roof replacement project would likely include: completely tear off the existing roofing to the decking level; inspecting the decking and structure; replacing or repairing decking as needed; installing rigid insulation; installing mechanically fastened 60 mil EPDM roof; new flashing; and re-installing or replacing gutters as needed. The clerestory windows adjoining the roof are also in need of repair.

We are presently fundraising to support the roof rebuild. In July 2017, we will apply for Legacy funds to for the architectural construction documents for this project.

Project: Construction Documents, Specifications, Drawings, and Scope of Work. This phase to be launched upon the successful award of an Arts and Cultural Heritage fund grant. The amount requested in that grant will be based on the successful bidder of this RFP.


As our building is included in a National Registry of Historic Landmarks District, and as we are aware of the additional responsibilities of caring for such a structure, we are seeking an architect who will develop construction documents (drawings, specifications and other documents) bidding, and administration for this roofing project. Specifically:

• Review the existing roof. • Develop recommendations for removal of existing roof and inspection and documentation of underlying structures. • Develop construction documents (drawings, specifications) for roof replacement, including details for flashing, fascia, gutters, and any other appropriate architectural feature. • Review and revise the draft Scope of Work form and coordinate with State Historic Preservation Office. • Oversee bidding. • Conduct construction administration during project to confirm work is being done as specified. (This bid will not include this portion of the work.) • Other recommendations as determined by a preservationist with the appropriate background.


The Museum seeks a revised Scope of Work, construction documents to guide the replacement of the roof, bidding, and construction administration.


Staff is available for tours of the building. Please contact Erik Johnson, above.
Jackson Street Roundhouse Roof – Architectural Services RFP 3

Copies of the Historic Structures Report and the Scope of Work form will be made available to interested bidders.


• Work plan and schedule. Scope of Work and Construction Documents must be completed this fall.

• Confirmation that proof of insurance is available upon request.

• Description of firm’s profile, history, and experience with similar project. Resumes for staff demonstrating how you meet professional qualifications.

• Fees. Please break down fees for 1) Scope of Work and Construction Documents and 2) Bidding and Construction Administration.


Submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria. Please address all the criteria in your bid.

• Experience of contractor in Historic Preservation, including an understanding of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. • An understanding of the complexities of the work to be undertaken. • Capacity to do the work. • Cost of the work (not primary)