Meet Our Volunteer and 
Blacksmith Gordon

We asked Gordon, why do you volunteer with the Museum? Here is his story in his words. 
I have always liked hands on activities.

At 14 I was welding, fixing things and building things in my fathers garage. He was a garage mechanic so had all the tools available. By the time I graduated from high school, I had bought, fixed up and sold 12 cars.

I went to college for mechanical engineering because that is what I knew best. I was always close to manufacturing and production. Over the years, I was able to collect enough equipment to maintain a well equipped shop. I was always building something in my shop.

When I finally retired from working in the engineering field, I was able to pursue all the things I had been doing but more aggressively.


Years before I retired, I was very involved in the blacksmithing group, The Guild of Metalsmith. I was teaching many classes and was on many committees. I started teaching the Boy Scouts for their Metalworking badges in my backyard garage.
I have always promoted education and learning. Even while in college, I was a Junior Achievement advisor. During my professional career, I was mentoring many young engineers.
I volunteer at MTM because I enjoy and thrive on the enthusiasm, camaraderie and knowledge of the people that also volunteer. On any given work day, there are at least 10 other members who show up at MTM in the machine shop and blacksmith shop. Everyone working there has a different background and we share ideas and knowledge. We learn something new every day. We pursue repairing and maintaining the machinery, repairing and rebuilding components of the steam engine and railcars of the museum. We also put on blacksmith demonstrations for visitors of the museum. We teach classes to the boy scouts and also have adult classes in various areas of blacksmithing and machining.
Continual learning is essential to staying alive. I have a well equipped shop at home and can easily build anything I want but would be doing it alone. I would rather volunteer at MTM where I can be among friends, share my experience, learn from each other and have the camaraderie of like thinking other people.

See You There :)